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We are the only Boat Club in Miami with unlimited Jet Ski, Kayaks, SUP Paddle board and a 45’ Yacht with the same price as other Boat Clubs. And more important we GUARANTEE AVAILABILITY or your money back. Our members can reserve a boat 24 hours in advance on weekdays and until Wednesday at 6pm, for weekends. We are also located in the 79 ST Cause Way which makes our location ideally in the center of Miami.

No contract

  • 20’ Black Hurricane
  • 20’ Blue Hurricane
  • 26’ Panga
  • 26’ Cobia

Gold Membership

Initiation Fee $2,000.00

$199.00 Per Month + 7% tax


Every Year

$595.00 / May 1st

Both Plans Include Kayaks or SUP Paddle Boards


All the Boats including Jet Ski,
45′ Commander Yacht

  • 20′ Hurricane Black
  • 20′ Hurricane Blue
  • 24′ Brown Hurricane
  • 24′ Black Hurricane
  • 24′ Blue Hurricane
  • 26′ Panga
  • 26′ Cobia
  • 27′ Hurricane
  • 34′ Tiara
  • 45′ Commander Yacht

Premium Membership

Initiation Fee $3,000.00

$325.00 Per Month + 7% tax


Every Year

$695.00  / May 1st

Both Plans Include Kayaks or SUP Paddle Boards

Cost Analysis: Yacht Membership Vs Owning a Boat


24 Bow Rider New $60,000 10 Years LOAN
+ 7% Florida sales tax $4,200.00

Loan Payment


Service / Repairs

Wash / Flush

Wax / Detail


$ 585.00 per month







One time $3,000.00 + 7% sales tax







Q. How do I know Boats will be available

Most Boat Clubs work on a 10 to 1 – 10 members per boat, at Captain Joe`s because we rent Boats we have a lot of extra Boats on hand and our members are GUARANTEE AVAILABILITY in writing other Boat Clubs will tell you to book in the advance so you have a better chance to get a Boat

Q. How hard is it do get Yacht reservation on the weekends?

We take pride in being the only Boat club to GUARANTEE AVAILABILITY without advance reservations.

Q. Is insurance included?

Yes we have a Million Dollar Liability Policy. Our members are only liable for the deductible.

Q. May I join with my friend/partner/sibling/parent/etc?

Yes if you come together there is no charge, if not you must buy separate membership. After signing the agreement, you can start using your membership the same day.

Q. How do I reserve a boat?

We have an online reservation system, that you can reserve a boat 24 hours  in advance on weekdays and until Wednesday at 6pm, for weekends.

Q. How many reservations can I have?

Members may have a maximum of four advanced reservations on the books (ResNet) at any given time. But there is no reason to book in had of time because we GUARANTEE AVAILABILITY unless you want a specific Boat.

Q. Can I get a Boat on short notice?

Unlike other clubs we rather tell you the truth no (spur of the moment) if we cab we will try once or twice but you need a reservation.

Q. What get a Boat when I call?

Yes you are guaranteed a reservation, because we rent Boats we always have extra Boats to serve our members first.

Q. What size boats will I have access to?

All boats ranging from 20 to 45 are available to members. Variety includes Deck boats. Fishing boats, pontoons, Cruisers. and water sports boats. Members choose the boat they need when making reservations. We are also the only boat club with Jet Skis, Yacht, SUP Paddle Board & Kayaks.

Q. Can I use the boats overnight?

Yes, Captain only.


How much does it cost?

Like most clubs we charge a one time Initiation Fee and annual (you may choose to pay monthly) membership fee. We do not require long commitments from our members; you can join for as little as one year, or month to month.

Are there any limits on boating?

No. Member have Unlimited to boats. Boat as much as you like.

Will I get any training?

Yes. All members get a training manual upon joining. “On the Water”  training with the dock master. Training cover CBC processes, general navigation, docking, ad safety.

Is insurance included?

Captain Joe`s maintains insurance that covers all of your vessels as well as third party liability. Members generally are only responsible for paying any deductible that may apply if the damage a boat.

What if the boat breaks down?

All members must have Sea Tow insurance.

What if I leave for military duty?

Captain Joe`s understands the unpredictable life of our military orders you for out town duty for more than 60 days, CBC will place membership on hold until return.

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